Not As Usual.

Your people deserve the best. Obviously. After all, you can’t expect them to deliver high quality results in low quality surroundings. Especially on the road. That’s where we come in. We believe that comfort and efficiency are the lifeblood of extraordinary travel.

With Travel Masters, you won’t have to ask for the standard courtesies such as cost-effective rates, airtight itineraries, and comprehensive reporting. That’s all second nature. We specialize in the differences. The finer details. The little things that transform a routine I’m-just-out-of-town-on-business trip into an I-cant-believe-I’m-getting-paid-to-do-this corporate travel experience.

We work with organizations of all sizes, structures, and budgets to customize and execute travel plans that optimize business objectives while providing teams with unforgettable journeys.

As a Travel Masters Corporate Partner, you'll have instant access to the most comprehensive travel services available, such as:


    We create a traveller profile for each corporate traveller in our client management system. This ensures each traveller receives their preference in terms of car rental and hotel based on the travel policy.

    Customized travel plans to fit your company travel policy and individual traveller profiles


    We take advantage of consolidator fares, corporate discounts, sell-offs, superior sales rates, weekly rates, weekend rates and negotiated rates.

    Exclusive low airfares, hotel rates and car rental rates worldwide


    We review your strategic travel policy with you to ensure it is the most cost efficient option available. This helps reduce expenses by keeping the fees from Travel Masters low while making certain you receive high value for your travel dollar.

    Strategic travel policy development and refinement


    We offer on-demand reports which can be customized for both frequency and format to ensure you get the most useful and relevant information.

    Comprehensive travel reporting


    We provide reports that will allow you to track all expenses and credit card usage.

    Credit and expense reconciliation


    If you run into a challenge, your agent will provide personal after-hours emergency response complemented by our 24/7 emergency number which is run by the leading travel emergency company in Canada.

    24-hour on-call support


    Our reservation and client management systems are fully integrated to ensure greater levels of accuracy and a significant reduction of errors.  We constantly update all traveller profiles to ensure they stay current.

    Secure traveller profile maintenance

What We Bring To

The (Boardroom) Table

Travel Apps

We know how important it is for your travel planner to have instant, easy access to the latest information available. Our apps enable them to access up-to-the-minute information about each traveller and their itinerary every step of the way.

Traveller Location Map

Maps will display the location of each traveller in your company. If hazards like security threats, transportation problems or extreme weather should develop while you’re away, the hazard will show on your travel map and allow you to respond in time.

Travel Advisories

We provide for up-to-date intelligence on world destinations, providing your travellers with the best possible protection. For each reservation we make, data on traveller destinations will automatically be made available to both the traveller and the travel arranger.

Business Intelligence

We make it easy for you to create spreadsheet printouts on your travellers airlines, hotels, car rentals and destinations. Beneficial usage reports allow you to constantly plan and develop your company’s travel program.

Online Booking

Each company we connect to our dedicated online travel booking system gets the benefit of outstanding quality control. We review every online booking to make sure it is best suited to your individual corporate needs and travel policy. We’ll never issue you tickets that aren’t the absolute best option for your company.

Shopping & Pricing Expertise

Our systems have been optimized to provide travellers with very best options available. So you can stop shopping around. Our online travel booking tool has been proven to find the same or lower airfare than supplier sites 99.7% of the time.

Policy Control & Demand Management

We can build specific controls tailored to your company’s unique travel program and policy. Your Corporate Travel Experience Specialist and the online travel management tool allows unlimited capability to define and construct policy rules and manage request changes to various components of a travellers itinerary prior to ticketing.

Stability & Support

We’re are always on. Our technology offers 99.9% system uptime and our people are available around the clock to respond to any issues immediately, minimizing the impact on you and your travellers.

Expense Integration

You should make the choice when it comes to your expense provider, which is why we are able to integrate seamlessly with your preferred expense management solution.