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Have you travelled a lot? Just now finding the time and the desire to travel? Whatever the case may be, I can help you! I never had the opportunity to travel until after high school, saving every dollar I could to book a ticket somewhere. I spent my 20th birthday in Paris while I was working abroad as an Au Pair in Switzerland. From then to now, the passion for travel has never decelerated.

Once that passion in you has ignited to explore, discover, and look for something extraordinary to fulfill your life, it will never stop. The people you meet. The places you go. The things you do. It creates a world so unique to you. Travel embraces the heart and soul of our planet that is there for you to discover and experience. If you know what I’m talking about, I can help you create new unforgettable experiences. And if you don’t, let me help show you. You will never forget zip lining through the rain forest of Costa Rica; swimming with sting rays and nurse sharks in Belize; walking with thousands of migratory penguins in Argentina; river cruising the Nile; or being guests of the Prince at a camel race outside of Dubai. These are some of the excursions I have been honoured to experience.

Destinations on your bucket list or ones you never even thought possible are just a click away. I can help you cut through the overwhelming options, present unique ideas, and make your travel planning smooth and exciting to save you time and stress. Whether you want to find the perfect African safari that meets all of your needs, book a well planned golf or surfing getaway to the Caribbean, or a beach and culture family getaway to the South Pacific, I am here to help you.

Having worked in hospitality, administration, marketing, and owning my own business for the last 13 years, I understand the importance of details and logistics. I also know how difficult it is to find someone that cares, delivers and follows up. Like the Travel Masters brand presents, we truly have your back. Time off is precious and travel is expensive, so you want an amazing trip that meets and exceeds your expectations. This side of the industry is new to me, but business and travelling is not. So, I have a perspective like yours working to your advantage. I will help you create and book travel that you can be excited about and look forward to, the same way I would book for myself, or a family member. I am based in Calgary and available to chat anytime, anywhere. Please drop me a note – I would love to hear from you!

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