Food is an integral part of Hong Kong culture and lifestyle. Here is my take on the ultimate food journey through Hong Kong’s unique “East meets West” cuisines.

Rise and shine
In the morning, head over to a nearby cha chaan teng, a Hong Kong-style diner, to sample a classic Cantonese breakfast of congee, warm soy milk, and yao ja gwai. The less daring can sample Western-influenced breakfast items such as Hong Kong-style French toast and macaroni soup.

Mid-day munching
For lunch, share an authentic dim sum meal with some friends. Dim sum is a Cantonese teatime cuisine where bite-sized foods are shared family-style. Instead of ordering from a menu, customers order their dim sum dishes from food carts that circulate around the restaurant.

Street-food snacks
If you’re feeling a mid-day lag, try some Hong Kong street snacks at the dai pai dongs (open-air food stalls) or street-food hawkers. What’s my suggested game plan? Let the swirl of aromas guide you through the streets and food markets. With the seemingly endless options of sweet and savoury treats, you’re bound to find the one perfect for you.
— Local favourites: bubble waffles, curry fish balls, roasted chestnuts and stinky tofu.
— Meat lovers should head to a siuu laap shop, a Cantonese-style charcuterie shop selling roasted and barbequed meats.

Deluxe dining
To end your night with a culinary bang, indulge in a multi-course Cantonese seafood meal with friends and family. These gourmet dinners are generally reserved for large family gatherings or celebrations — think of it like a Hong Kong Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try unique Cantonese delicacies like abalone, jellyfish, shark fin soup, and sea cucumber.

Contributor: Constance Leung

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