Ever wondered exactly what a foodie was? Like many of us, you love food but are hazy on the “foodie” definition. Is there a lingo? A philosophy? A lifestyle? You get a glimpse of the world through a plethora of tv shows, websites and magazines, whose featured profiles make the realm of foodies looking incredibly appealing. Perhaps they even inspire you to venture into new culinary territory — both on the plate and in new locales — to experience it firsthand.

“I have very publicly derided the use of the word foodie every time I hear it or read it. It’s awful. It diminishes and undervalues the very people it’s meant to applaud and makes the user look foolish for not speaking proper English. Someone who loves food can be called a gastronaut (hipster) or a gourmet (classic) , or how about food lover…or anything else, for all I care. But I would never call my accountant a numberie. I don’t call a Yankees fan a baseballie!”
Andrew Zimmern, Host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods

“One of my life’s guiding principles is to do my best not to strip anyone else of their joy. Eatocracy’s unofficial tagline is, in fact, ‘If it tastes good, it IS good.’ So who am I to police anyone else’s self-descriptor if they choose to identify as a ‘foodie’? I don’t, myself, so I ask that same courtesy.”
Kat Kinsman, Managing Editor, CNN’s Eatocracy

“I think one reason ‘foodie’ rubs so many people the wrong way is the word itself: It just sounds juvenile. It’s like a food version of ‘cutie.’ If you’re a grown man, are you really gonna identify yourself as a ‘foodie?’ (I’d advise, no.) And then there is the issue of who is and who isn’t a foodie? Do you have to pass an exam? Do you need to go get your passport photo taken? Do you need to renew your foodie license every couple of years? And why is it that any time someone is a foodie, he or she is ‘such a huge foodie!’, or a ‘total foodie!’? Um, so yeah—I’m afraid I’m not a foodie. But I really do like food, and I eat it every day. Well, except for Yom Kippur.”
Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-chief, Bon Appétit

Contributor: David Massie

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