Respecting Local Cultures Overseas

Travel Masters | November 27, 2019

What makes travelling so appealing is experiencing other cultures, however, this can often lead to differences of opinion when it comes to cultures who don't share our beliefs and customs. Learning what is culturally acceptable in a country you are planning to visit is not only respectable, it can help you avoid uncomfortable situations and sometimes even jail. Here are some great tips to consi


7 Of The World’s Must-See Castles

Travel Masters | November 20, 2019

There is nothing more breathtaking than the sight and architecture of a castle. Castles have been around for thousands of years and not only do they convey the architecture of years past, they tell a story of the people who relied on them for safety, security and family life. They connect us to our past and offer up a unique way to satisfy your wanderlust. Here are 7 shining examples of castles th


7 Must See Cross Country Skiing Havens

Travel Masters | October 28, 2019

Cross country skiing is an activity that is not only a great excuse for a getaway but is a great family vacation, can be a romantic couples retreat and offers an amazing escape to solo travellers. With so many places to choose from here are 7 we think you should add to your bucket list. Norway Norway is the birthplace of cross country skiing. The 70km Peer Gyn


6 Bucket List Destinations for Cyclists

Travel Masters | October 16, 2019

There are more cyclists on the road now than ever and there are literally thousands of destinations (and kilometers) to enjoy by way of two wheels and a sense of adventure. Here are 6 cyclist havens for your next bucket list trip! Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) The PNW (as locals call it) is full of scenic rides for both mountain and urban cycling. Washin


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