Cruise ship anchors can weigh up to 20,500 pounds—about the same as four elephants. However, most cruise ships avoid dropping anchor when possible as the anchors tend to destroy the fragile underwater ecosystem and it is possible for ships to stay in place without them.

An ex-coal miner named François Zanella constructed a 1/8th scale model of the Royal Caribbean “Majesty of the Seas” cruise ship. In addition to serving as a scale replica model, the smaller Majesty is a fully functional canal boat.

Cruise ship staterooms are built in an off-site facility and then transported to the shipyard to be fitted to the ship after its construction. This is to capitalize on the space required in dry dock to build the actual ship itself. In fact, more often than not, the ship and the cabins are built by separate companies

On older cruise liners the fourth funnel (chimney) was generally non-functional and used only for storage. The fake funnel was added for aesthetics as it gave the appearance of prestige and power.

“The World,” is an operational ship where some frequent floaters reside permanently as it travels around the globe. In fact, a study has been published showing that retiring to a cruise ship was often as cost-effective as a retirement home.

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is currently the world’s largest ship. It boasts  18 decks (16 are for guest use), 22 restaurants, 24 pools, 2,759 cabins, a park with over 20,000 tropical plants and the world’s tallest water slide at sea. The ship is so large that the company had to organize its interior into neighborhoods.

The tradition of blessing a ship dates back to ancient times. Cruise ship godmothers are invited by cruise lines to bestow good fortune and safe journeys. Today, ship godmothers take on a promotional role in order to garner publicity. Fiona from “Shrek” blessed Allure of the Seas and Tinker Bell serves as godmother to Disney Wonder. Norwegian Cruise Lines opted for Miami-born rapper Pitbull to serve as the godfather to Norwegian Escape.

The longest cruise ever? In 2016, Mundy Cruises offered a “World of Travel” cruise that reached all seven continents, aboard seven different cruise ships in 357 days.

Most ships don’t have a deck 13 due to superstition. Ancient sailors believe the number to be bad luck.

Sweden’s Karin Stahre-Janson was the first female captain for a large cruise line. She became Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas captain in 2007. Girl power!

If all this talk has got you eager to sail the seven seas, we’re ready to help. Find a Travel Masters experience specialist near you and we’ll get you on your way!

Bon voyage!

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