Are you a professional photog? Maybe a hobbyist who loves the lens? Or maybe you just love posting on social media. Well shutterbugs, we have some amazing destinations we think you should consider visiting soon! 



Many a photographer has been drawn to the bright lights and bustle of Japan’s capital, Tokyo. However, there is a city in Japan that offers the same distinctive blend of culture, heritage, and contemporary scenery that is lesser known to shutterbugs; and that is Kyoto. Some of the most stunning cherry blossoms thrive here and the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is like something out of a fantasy novel. Make sure you add the Pontocho district or Gion district to your list as you’ll see maiko and geisha wandering between the Ochaya (tea houses). We’d also suggest you leave time to visit the incredible temples including the Nanzen-ji Temple (complete with zen garden) and the Kinkaku-ji Temple, also known as the Golden Temple. You will also find a ton of inspiration at the Fushimi Inari Shrine.



The historic center of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily tops the list of a photographer’s dream. Make sure to see the Capela das Almas; a little church on the Rua Santa Caterina. It’s also named the Chapel of Santa Caterina for the street it resides on which is filled with shops and cafes near Bolhão Market; another great spot for photographs. Porto’s most coveted location is the Livraria Lello a stunning bookstore that has actually been considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by Time magazine (I think they know something about photography). CNN declared it the most beautiful bookstore in the world and it’s now classified as a National Monument by the Portuguese government. Also, be sure to add Miradouro Da Vitória to that list as you will be able to capture Vila Nova de Gaia, its wine lodges, the Dom Luis I bridge, the monastery Serra do Pilar, the large glass dome of the Palacio da Bolsa, Sé Catedral in one visit.



Hallstatt is an unbelievably beautiful village in Upper Austria and often called the most photographed village in the world (you can see why by the photo above).  Lake and mountain views are beyond beautiful here, just point your camera/phone in any direction and you will have a piece of art worthy of framing. It also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with photo ops. The prehistoric Hallstatt Salt Mine ride takes you up to the mines, where you can visit the caves and see the oldest wooden staircase ever found in Europe. The salt content of the mine is about 60% and so the lighting is spectacular! You will also want to try the Skywalk Viewing Platform; a free-floating Skywalk, 360 meters above the ground, and gives you a 360-degrees view to the town, lake, and forest surrounding it. Locals are very friendly and suggest walking around the town for some authentic Austrian visuals.



Dharamshala, India is the spiritual home to His Holiness Dalai Lama. The town sits in the stunning folds of the Indian Himalayas and the hill station of Himachal Pradesh. And keep in mind the Dalai Lama had to traverse these ranges on foot to escape persecution in Tibet! Many call Dharamshala the best places in India for photography. You will be surrounded by Tibetan architecture, monasteries, prayer wheels, Tibetan markets, monks, waterfalls, landscapes, colonial heritage, and the Dhauladhar Mountain Range. Dharamshala is divided into two parts, upper Dharamshala and lower Dharamshala. Both are known for the scenic landscapes and monasteries. McLeodganj lies in the same vicinity as Dharamshala and is another beautiful hill station that also offers excellent views of the Dhauladhar range. Be sure to add Bhagsu Falls (approx 2 km from McLeodganj) for its breathtaking view of the Kangra valley. The Masroor Rock Cut Temple is a Hindu Temple in Kangra near Dharamshala famous for the monolithic rock carvings. These stone images are from the ancient times of Mahabharata and feature major shrines including Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxmana.


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Sean Mitchell

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