Create A Capsule Wardrobe

This is a wardrobe of 15 pieces of clothing that mix and match. If all your tops and bottoms are interchangeable, you can make more outfits with less clothing. It also enables you to travel carry-on anywhere you go. If you take three bottoms and seven tops that can all mix and match; that is twenty-one outfits.

Leave Your Electronics At Home

Try to only bring the gadgets you need. There are many helpful apps and adapters to transform your phone or iPad/tablet into various devices. Many people don’t even travel with a camera since you can easily use attachments with your phone for improved photography. Your phone or iPad/tablet can also be used as an e-reader by downloading the free reading apps.

Bring 3 Pairs of Shoes

Shoes are a difficult item to minimize. Bring only three pairs of shoes in neutral colors and make sure they can be worn with all your outfits. If you are traveling in winter, bring one pair of boots, one pair of runners and one pair of dress shoes. For summer, bring one pair of walking sandals, one pair of runners, and a pair of dressy sandals for women or boat shoes for men.

Do The Research Ahead of Your Trip & Pack Accordingly

It will be easy to determine what the weather’s going to be like and what type of activities you’ll be doing. Knowing these things will help you plan efficiently so you only bring what you need. It’s important to avoid surprises by being prepared with the right shoes and clothing. A quick look at the Weather Network or similar sites will often give you a 14-day forecast in every city on the planet.

Don’t Bring Any “Just In Case” Items

Only bring what you need. You have a rough idea as to the activities you’ll do on your trip so you can plan your outfits and gear based only on those things. Leave behind any items that are not necessary. Unless you are headed to a remote village in Africa you can easily purchase “just in case” items once you’ve arrived at your destination if needed.

Know The Limits

Look up your airline’s limits for your carry on and checked baggage on their website. Measure and weigh your suitcase before prior to leaving for the airport. Luggage stores have handy little gadgets like luggage scales as well as luggage that is airline approved to help you avoid the delays that can happen with luggage restrictions.

All packed and ready to go? Get in touch with us or a preferred experience specialist and we’ll get you on your way!


Sean Mitchell

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