With the recent earthquake in LA, we’re reminded once again that Mother Nature has no regard for your plans. Here are just 10 reasons to make sure you’re insured before you head out on vacation.

1. A Natural Disaster Damages Your Destination
You saved all year for a summer vacation to Aruba, but a hurricane destroys the hotel a week before you depart. Will you lose all the money you worked so hard to save?
With travel insurance protection for weather damage, you’ll be able to recover your pre-paid costs. Travel assistance services will also help you arrange a vacation at a new location – one the hurricane missed.

2. The Collision of a Rented Vehicle
If you get involved in a car accident whilst renting a vehicle, you will definitely need to consider taking out travel insurance. You will need to make sure collision coverage is included in the policy you take out. It is important that you do your research when purchasing this insurance coverage. You will need to ensure that the policy covers the minimum requirements needed for the country you’re visiting.

3. Overseas or US Medical Bills
Consider this scenario: On a driving tour in South America, a truck slams into your rental car, leaving you with a broken leg and other serious injuries. When you arrive at the hospital, you pull out your health insurance card but the staff just shake their heads. You’ll need to pay upfront for treatment — and your medical bills rapidly climb into the tens of thousands. If you require medical evacuation, that cost can hit $200,000 or more, depending on the country you’re in and the proximity to the nearest hospital. When you have travel insurance with emergency medical benefits, it can pay for losses due to covered medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip.

4. Baggage Delay
So you’ve landed in Iceland, but your checked bag stayed in Denver and won’t make it to you for two more days. If you didn’t plan ahead and pack some essentials and a change of clothes in your carry-on, then you’re going to have to buy some back-ups. Keep your receipts and you can be reimbursed by travel insurance.

5. Stolen Goods
Wherever you travel, there is a good chance that pick-pockets operate in the area. They know a tourist when they see one and will target them to steal goods to sell on, such as passports, valuable items, luggage, etc. When you take out a travel insurance policy, the costs of getting your stolen goods replaced without having to pay anything will be covered by your provider, helping to ease the trauma and distress that surrounds this inconvenience.

6. Canadian Travel Insurance Plans Cover Stable Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.
If you read the fine print on a typical travel medical insurance plan from a US insurer, you’ll find that expenses related to a condition you might have are not properly covered. While this may not be an issue for someone in perfect health, any Canadian with an existing medical condition would be better off with travel insurance from a Canadian insurer, as these plans will typically include coverage for medical conditions that were stable for a set amount of time before a trip.

7. Visa Requirements
Many countries insist that you provide proof of medical coverage before they will grant a visa. When I traveled in China for 6 months, I had to prove that I was insured in my home country. Many countries insist on this so they know you will not become a burden to their health care system.

8. Trip Cancellation
After months of planning and anticipation, you have to cancel your trip. This could be for any number of reasons: a death in the family, foreign tensions, acts of God (hurricanes can really put a damper on an island getaway), etc. Without travel insurance, you’ll lose a significant amount of money in addition to your dream vacation. Often times, you’re unable to get a full (or even partial) refund on deposits, accommodations, flights, tour packages, etc. Having good travel insurance can help cushion the blow. So while you may not be taking that trip after all, at least you’re not still having to pay for it too.

9. Trip Interruption
Similar to trip cancellation, trip interruption helps if your vacation is cut short due to a medical problem, death, natural disaster, or other catastrophes. Travel insurance will help ensure you get home and are reimbursed for non-refundable expenses.

10. Trip Delay
It can be quite the odyssey trying to get to your vacation destination and if your trip is delayed then travel insurance can help with losses on pre-paid accommodations or additional expenses. Nothing is more frustrating than a delay, why add the stress of a potential financial loss?

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Safe travels!


Sean Mitchell

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