We recently featured Berlin in our best places for Aquarians to visit. The truth is Berlin is an amazing destination for any Zodiac sign. Here are 8 (of many) reasons to visit Germany’s capitol city.

  1. Given the fact Germany is famous for their operas, it is no surprise Berlin is home to 3 active world renown Opera Houses. The Deutsche Oper, Komische Oper, and Staatsoper can accommodate over 4,400 opera attendees. No other city in the world can accommodate that many opera attendees.
  2. If you like sightseeing, Berlin has more bridges than Venice, Italy (over 1,500) and boasts more waterways (180 kilometers of them) than Amsterdam & Stockholm. The city’s most Instagrammed bridge is the Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. It is said you can spend 8 hours touring by boat within city limits and not see the same sites twice.
  3. If you like to avoid the crowds Berlin is nine times geographically larger than Paris (with as many green spaces) but only has one fifth the population density.
  4. If you’re a beer drinker you’ll love Berlin! They even have their own beer specialty; the Berliner Weiße. There are hundreds of beer bars and gardens in the city as well as a number of local breweries that do tours.
  5. Berlin is Germany`s greenest city with over 44% of its area made of waterways, woods, rivers & parks.
  6. The city has installed hundreds free public Wifi spots. The wireless networks are concentrated mostly in central districts; 650 hotspots (325 indoor and 325 outdoor access points) are installed.
  7. Berlin is Germany’s leader in vegetarian and vegan cuisine and is home to a huge foodie scene promoting local and sustainable ingredients, pop-up street food markets, supper clubs, as well as food festivals, such as the famous Berlin Food Week.
  8. In 2005, Berlin was named “City of Design” by UNESCO and is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other relevant numbers? 473 kilometers of subway, 200 museums, and 9 castles!

If you’re ready to go so are we; find a Travel Masters experience specialist near you!

Gute Reise! 

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