Travel Masters treated its suppliers to a unique evening as a show of appreciation and gratitude. Representatives from travel, financial, marketing, facilities and technology suppliers and vendors were present at the event held at the Richmond Wine Lockers – home to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of wine stored by private collectors and restaurants. The evening began with nationally renowned and award winning sommelier Keith Nicholson and opening of champagne with sabres, of which the guests were encouraged to try.

“Our business is what it is thanks to the relationships and support of our suppliers, partners and industry friends” remarked James Shearer, Chief Operating Officer, who was on site to host the event along with Mark Greenwood and Daina Gasner, two of the company’s Product & Support Managers. “This is our opportunity to show how appreciative we are, and to give the suppliers an opportunity to take some time out of their busy day, relax, have fun and do something they’ve never done before. We wanted to give our friends an opportunity to Take A Break From Ordinary, and I think we have succeeded.”

The evening continued with interactive demonstrations from the wine glass company, Riedel, where guests were taught how different glassware has a significant effect on the taste of wine. Barry McNabb, President of Richmond Wine Lockers, was on hand to provide personal tours of the facility.

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