Business travel differs greatly from vacation travel. Timelines are more strict and there isn’t always the element of fun to be had. That said, it shouldn’t be a nightmare to book a business trip. Travel agencies like ours offer travel management for piece of mind, organization and continuity to let you focus on what matters to your business. Here are a few reasons why travel management is a huge benefit to your company. 



Every element of business travel is integral to your business, brand, staff and ultimately bottom line. But life can get hectic and when you have a 10 am meeting in 5 minutes, you’re looking over last month’s reports, and trying to get one of your managers on a 5 am flight the next morning, do you think you’re in the best frame of mind to remember to book travel insurance? Not having insurance can be extremely costly and can be a big time waster when it comes to business travel.

Continuity & Quality Control

Your clients, managers, employees, board members, etc. expect stability. After all, you’ve worked hard to create your vision. There are so many changes that happen in your industry, never mind trying to stay up on the latest travel industry changes. An agency can stay on top of these best practices and changes to ensure your travel needs are consistent and reliable.

Connections, Layovers, Delays Oh My!

Travel agencies are aware of some of the problematic airports and routes that are commonly an issue when it comes to delays, weather and connections. We’re always in the loop with the best routes, connecting flights and flight times. A little bit of preventative medicine can go a long way (as they say) and much like a chess game, we think many moves ahead.

VISA Requirements

Many countries can have complex VISA requirements that can literally prevent you or your employees from being granted entry. A travel agency will always ensure you didn’t need to remember when your VISA application expired or what papers you need to have with you when you enter a foreign country. It’s a lot like having a guardian angel along for the ride.


There can be so much paperwork and notifications when it comes to flight times, hotel check-in, car rental address, flight check-in, convention center location, etc. A travel agent will ensure that all of that info is in one spot (we even have an app for that). Whether its updates to hotel arrangements, flight changes, or change of venue for your sales seminar; you are always in the loop.

Custom & Integration

Agencies like ours can tailor your specific needs at every stage and evolve as your company does. From planning, to travel, to hotel. Maybe someone at your firm has a specific diet they require on a flight. Perhaps your company has preferred hotel partners. Or maybe your VP is very eco-conscious when it comes to car rentals and prefers only electric. An agency can ensure that your business travel is conducted as an extension of your company’s needs and culture.


Travel management like ours is a 360 service. We take care of your immediate needs, but we’re also there if something does go wrong. Travel management is all-inclusive and extends into services like on demand invoice retrieval, monthly reporting and after hours emergency customer service.


Questions? Want to know more? We’re here to help!  Contact us or any of our experience specialists today! 


Sean Mitchell

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