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Nobody wants to think about things going wrong. Especially on a hard-earned, long anticipated vacation. But the reality is that it happens. Our Experience Specialists are here to make sure your stories have a happy ending. Whether it’s the panic of a lost passport, the frustration of a snowed-in flight or the stress of a medical emergency, we’ve got your back. We’re just a phone call, text or email away.

It’s the built-in reassurance that if things go wrong you will have the support, of not just of your individual Travel Masters Experience Specialist, but of the entire organization, including our suppliers.

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Enjoy Service That Goes Above & Beyond The Ordinary

We can create adventures and experiences you would not have known about and fine-tune them to your needs and desires. You’ll be surprised at how much time, effort and anxiety this saves you; not to mention dollars.

This peace-of-mind and attention to detail is what we’re all about. We know it’s the small touches that make a big difference to your trip.

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we do

  • We do the work for you

    You’ll appreciate the time and attention our experience specialists put into making your trip amazing. So why not use your time for better things like shopping for your trip or making that last minute business deal.

  • No surprises

    Endless online searching and changing deals can make travel planning time-consuming and confusing. Take a break. We work with you to lighten the load and explain the fine print to ensure you are fully informed about every option.

  • Best itinerary

    The lowest cost doesn’t always mean the best deal. Our experts ensure you receive the best possible value based on your travel plans. There’s no point spending 8 hours on layovers during a weekend getaway.

  • Your personal advisor

    We don’t bounce you around from agent to agent. When you book with one of our specialists, they get to know you so they can anticipate your preferences and really tailor every experience.

  • Experience and expertise

    We’ll make sure you don’t accidentally plan your destination wedding during hurricane season or you are denied boarding due to lack of a visa. We’ll match your needs and budget with your destination and travel options so you can relax before you even depart.

  • Peace of mind

    Even the best laid plans can have hiccups. We are here for you when the unexpected happens. When a storm rolls in and your flight is delayed, relax as while we make alternative arrangements for you.


Do I Start?

  • 1

    Call or email us and tell
    us about the trip you’re
    looking for.

  • 2

    It could be as simple as a flight and
    hotel or as unique as a one-of-a-kind
    adventure, a once-in-a-lifetime event or
    an unforgettable business conference.

  • 3

    Get knowledgeable help and
    recommendations with your planning:

    * Avoid hurricane season.

    * This hotel is closer to your venue. If you take the
    9pm flight you’ll get in at 11pm with time to rest.

  • 4

    Rest assured you’re getting the best
    deals possible.

Your Experience Specialist is here to make your trip everything you imagined, as well as what you never could have imagined. We work with you to plan your journey with the same sense of pleasure and anticipation as actually going on it.

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