Tour: Mexico

I want to take the time to acknowledge and display how devoted, hard working and dynamic Fil is. We had a wedding group of 23 that was set to go to Cabo, Mexico. When the hurricane hit around a month beforehand, we were devastated at the thought that there wouldn’t be another resort that would be able to facilitate and accommodate all of our needs. She literally worked like crazy to work it out and didn’t give up! With only 2 weeks to spare, she did it!! Blew it out of the water! Awesome resort, beautiful destination, breathtaking wedding and all the bells and whistles. I can say that any average travel agent would haven’t have been able to figured this mess out. She persevered and didn’t let us down. We will never use anybody else for our travel needs. Thanks Fil! Love from all of us, Chris and Daina’s family and wedding group.

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Isa Gaia

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