Tired of the same old vacation? Have a look at some of these trending travel ideas for 2019. 

Tourism is coming back in Egypt in a big way according to UN World Tourism statistics. Egypt is preparing its new Grand Egyptian Museum, a 117-acre museum built in view of the ancient Pyramids of Giza, for a 2020 opening. More than 43,000 artifacts—including chariots, mummies, masks, and sandals—have been returned to Egypt to make up the collection, a large portion coming from King Tut’s tomb.

Iceland Northern Lights Photography Holiday
Iceland is a fantastic destination for any photographer, and this Northern Lights photography holiday celebrates its coast and ice. Iceland has some of the most accessible wild coastal and ice landscapes in the world and it’s also a great location for photographing the aurora borealis. This 10-day photography workshop, run by people who live in Iceland and know all the locations intimately, takes you to some of the best photography spots on the island.

Genealogy Travel
This summer, ancestry travel (sometimes called DNA travel or genealogy travel), is as popular as it’s ever been, with travellers finding all sorts of ways to rediscover their roots. For anyone into genealogy, a trip to explore some of the destinations represented in the family tree is a natural fit. For newbies, there are plenty of easy ways to figure out how to connect ancestry and travel. In fact, there are DNA test kits to help you establish where your ancestors are from, thereby giving you destination ideas abound!

Pop Culture Travel
With the end of Game of Thrones now leaving fans hungry for more and the opening of Disneyland’s new Star Wars themed Galaxy’s Edge, popular culture is inspiring ultra hip travel ideas. Game of Thrones filming locations like Northern Ireland and Croatia have seen surges of visitors seeking a real-life peek at the show’s incredible backdrops. Meanwhile, Star Wars fans who make the pilgrimage to Galaxy’s Edge, get the chance to fly the Millennium Falcon, join the Resistance, build a custom lightsaber, and design a droid.

Cruises That Put the Destination First
A big push in recent years for the cruise industry to become more environmentally responsible has been powered by forward-thinking cruise lines. This summer, Celebrity Cruises debuts the Celebrity Flora, a 100-passenger mega yacht built specifically for the sustainability of the Galapagos. This small ship was built with the local ecosystem in mind: As one of the world’s most eco-friendly ships, it includes features like anchor-less positioning to protect the sea floor, reduced fuel consumption, and offers guests in-room water filtration systems to eliminate a need for plastic water bottles.

New Stopovers
Using stopovers to add a free, additional destination to your next vacation is not new. What’s big this summer, though, is the expansion of airlines offering the perk. Longtime stopover providers include Emirates, Icelandair, Hawaiian. And recently, new programs from Brussels Airlines and Swiss add even more great options to the list of stopover possibilities. These stopover programs offer perks like vacation packages that include hotels and rail passes; free access to tourist attractions; etc. You can simply land, explore, and continue on your journey having explored an additional city at no extra cost.

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