Genealogy Travel

Travel Masters | August 28, 2019

With the popularity of sites like 23 And Me and, it makes sense that genealogy-focused travel is now quickly rising in popularity. More and more people are developing an appetite for visiting the places where their ancestors once lived, especially now that much of this information is so easily accessible. If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, here are a few ideas


Keeping Valuables & Luggage Safe When Travelling

Travel Masters | August 26, 2019

Travelling, be it just across provinces or to another country is always a great experience. But there are incidents such as losing your passport or luggage or having valuables stolen that can easily be avoided with some simple planning and preparation. Your passport should be nearby at all times preferably in a small handbag, purse or money belt for easy accessibility. If it is


Train Travel: Enjoying the Journey

Travel Masters | August 21, 2019

Although train travel is not the most popular method of travel it offers one of the most unique travel experiences you’ll ever have. In fact, if you’ve decided to take the train—whether you’re planning on traversing across the U.S. or Canada, or traveling between countries in Europe—you will quickly see that train travel is truly about the journey. First of all, plan to travel for qui


Traveling With Your Pet

Travel Masters | August 16, 2019

So you want to take your pet on vacation with you? It can be a lot of fun, but especially if you plan a bit. Here are some tips for successful vacationing with your pet. Be Prepared It may be tempting to think you'll just buy everything for your pet when you get to your destination, but that plan (or lack of a plan) might not work out. It's probably not a good


Vegas Family Vacation

Travel Masters | August 14, 2019

Las Vegas isn’t just for grownups anymore. Over the last decade, it has become a more kid-friendly town that most people think. For those of you who have always wanted to travel to Las Vegas for a family vacation but were reluctant because it didn’t seem to offer anything for kids, the good news is you can pack your bags and head out to the “city that never sleeps” with kids in tow


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