Safety Tips For The Solo Traveler

Marcela Guzman | August 12, 2019

Traveling alone can be one of the most exciting and enlightening times of your life. There are things you must consider, however, when you take this brave step. Take the following into consideration when planning your trip for one. Always Keep in Touch with a Close Friend Even though you are traveling alone, you shouldn’t be the only one who knows about your


Hockey Night … In Vegas!!

Marcela Guzman | August 7, 2019

It may surprise you to know that hockey existed in Las Vegas for 50 years before The Golden Knights came on the scene. Here are a few quirky facts about hockey's history with Sin City. 

  • The Golden Knights are the first expansion team to reach the Stanley Cup Final in their first season since the St. Louis Blues in 1968 (who won the cup this year).
  • Speakin


6 Packing Tips For The Saavy Traveller

Marcela Guzman | August 2, 2019

Create A Capsule Wardrobe This is a wardrobe of 15 pieces of clothing that mix and match. If all your tops and bottoms are interchangeable, you can make more outfits with less clothing. It also enables you to travel carry-on anywhere you go. If you take three bottoms and seven tops that can all mix and match; that is twenty-one outfits. Leave Your Electronics At


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