Let’s face it, by now you’re ready to kick back and vacation your way. The kids have moved away (or are getting ready to), retirement is in sight and you have earned the right to enjoy the ultimate dream vacay. However, you’re not 20 anymore, the sights and sounds of a Ft. Lauderdale beach party are a not really up your alley. All inclusives are great, but at this stage in life, you’re more into quality than quantity. And while you’re not old, the thought of backpacking across Europe is something you wouldn’t consider relaxing. Never fear, you are in the prime of your vacation life. Here are 5 fabulous vacation ideas for those who are 55 + years young.

River Cruises
River cruises offer a lot of sightseeing at a slower pace as opposed to the hustle and bustle of larger ocean liners. No traipsing through crowded streets or figuring out public transportation. River cruises travel down rivers on almost every continent and cater to varied interests. Some allow you to watch villages, castles, and vineyards pass by from the comfort of a ship while others take you down old Asian trade routes and offer up amazing opportunities to connect with local villagers. And just like cruises on the open sea, there’s plenty of time for stops and souvenir collection along the way.

Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand has really come into its own in the past 15 years. Amazing food, 5-star hotels, unparalleled service, await you in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy a luxury vacation in Thailand for much less than you might spend on similar accommodations in the U.S. or Europe. If you’re looking to get more for your money, then Bangkok is a great option for your next vacation. Enjoy sightseeing tours of ornately decorated shrines, wineries, golfing, bustling street life, markets, plus a food culture second to none.

Train Trips
As one of our very first methods of mass travel across land, trains offer a rustic, old school charm. The incredible views, vivid colors, and inspiring landscapes leave a profound, almost meditative impact on you. A train trip gives you an opportunity to experience and enjoy the journey as much as the destination itself. Train trips offer a panoramic view of nature at its best while you sit back, relax and let the experience take over. The trips can be just a few hours long or can even last for days. There are train trips in almost every country on the planet and each one can be done more than once as the seasons bring new experiences.

Tulum, Mexico
The college kids can have Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Tulum boasts all the gorgeous white sand beaches with none of the crowds. You might say it’s the refined version of Mexico of days gone by. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Tulum has it all: biking, beach walking, yoga, swimming, diving or simply a spa relaxation.” There are also ruins and sightseeing for the history-minded traveler. Tulum offers some of the most unique accommodations in Mexico and is a hotspot for amazing Mexican food.

African Safaris
Simply put, safaris in Africa have changed. Some places in Africa do get negative press, but there are many tried and trusted safari destinations that are perfectly safe. Countries like Botswana, South Africa and Nambia all have fantastic infrastructures, good roads, well-established routes, accommodation, and food of the highest caliber. These three countries are world-renowned for being leaders in conservation with well managed national parks. You have plenty of accommodation options as many safari operators offer up comfortable lodges with clean sheets, swimming pools, and bars and restaurants. You can also go back-slacking or glamping and fully catered camping safaris are very popular in Africa. All you need do is step off your safari vehicle. The tents are pitched, the camping-cot prepared with an open fire there for you to enjoy the African sunset.

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