We promise: we do know how to spell. Yes, there is the kiss that your guests are waiting for, the one that seals your marriage vows. And it’s important. But  keeping “KIS” In mind might be even more important, especially when it comes to the added planning, travel and expense inherent in a destination wedding.

Keeping It Simple (KIS) will make your big day – bigger than usual – much easier and less stressful. We promise.

To help you Keep It Simple, here are some basic questions to ask yourself:


Why do you want a destination wedding? Have you always dreamed about walking in bare feet on a white-sand beach? It’s wonderful if you have… but is it practical? Can your guests afford the trip? If you are planning a small affair and you’ve chosen the destination because it is meaningful to you and your guests, it’s ideal. But if your destination wedding is a notch above an excuse to visit a locale you’ve always fantasized about, make sure you put a lot of thought into it.


Go someplace you and your group will be welcomed — literally and legally. Many people put the wheels in motion to be married in a particular country, only to have them fall off partway through. Someone who wants to get married in romantic Provence, for example, will be disappointed to learn they need to be a resident of France to get married in France. Put your research before your heart: make sure your destination is hassle-free.


If you want to go out of country, make sure there are: — direct flights for your guests — easy airport transfers — food that won’t offend delicate stomachs.

Be ready to provide detailed information to make arrival and getting around easy for guests who have never been in that country before. Consider an on-location wedding planner and factor in that extra cost.


There are some real opportunities here. We worked with a couple who wanted an in-country destination wedding. We sourced an easy-to-reach ski resort destination for a July wedding. Rooms were inexpensive and the resort was delighted to have a good-sized group in the off-season; everyone was treated royally. Remember that many of your guests will need to take vacation days to attend your celebration — do your best to plan around these.


A destination wedding can require you to be selective with your guest list. Perhaps a dear friend or family member won’t be able to attend due to health reasons or other travel restrictions. The goal is to try to be inclusive while focusing on those you absolutely must have by your side to celebrate this milestone occasion. Try to make it work for them.

Speaking from experience, I can say destination weddings are worth the extra planning and legwork. I’ve had one and attended several.

Just remember to KIS. Keep It Simple.

And have a great Kiss!

Contributor: David Massie

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